Friday, March 21, 2014

"Grunge Young Lady Portrait" Corel

Grunge Young Lady Portrait

I have been on hiatus for a period of time, not doing too much creatively, unfortunately. So I got this photograph of my Daughter, prior to marriage, and scanned it into Corel PhotoPaint. I was determined to share a post today!

I resampled the cropped photograph to a larger size. Then I applied the Adjust, Transform, Threshold to it for some white areas. I adjusted the threshold to show her face fairly well.

I took one of the stone textures from the Free Texture site I have used before. I opened that and fit to screen. Going back to the photograph I copied it and then pasted and resized on the texture image. I altered the property to Multiply and this allowed the texture to show through. It gave a grunge appearance to the piece.

I cropped again, and used New File from Clipboard copy. This gave me the image I was striving for. I added my signature and copyright in white, using invert on my signature file.

Using Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrancy on the image to add some punch to the colors. I saved that large iteration. I resampled for display.

The T-shirt, though hard to read says, "Brunettes Actually Have More Fun." The whole image turned out well in my humble opinion.

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