Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Woman Portrait with Earrings and Necklace" Corel

Woman Portrait with Earrings and Necklace

Today's image is another Colored Pencils Freehand Drawing treated Digitally. I scanned in the Woman's Portrait and also the Jewelry Sketches last night with my Canon MP495.

I opened them in Corel PhotoPaint and cut out the Jewelry pieces (also designed by myself) and copied and pasted them onto the Portrait. I used the Tone Curve to deepen the colors of the Colored Pencils. I also resized the Jewelry pieces and rotated them to fit as Earrings and Necklace. I saved the large 300dpi image to disk.

I opened in Corel Painter 11 and added a watercolor background in Yellow and Green. It brightened up the entire image. I had selected the green from the eyes. I then selected a Blender Brush and blended some of the Hair and the Face and Shoulders. I merged the layers with Drop All and saved the large iteration.

Back in PhotoPaint I added my signature and saved the large image again. The finished image still had some paper texture from the scan.

I opened this file in Corel PSP Pro X3 and boosted the colors with Saturation Vibrancy. I saved the large iteration with a new name and then resized for display.

My background in Jewelry design goes back to High School pre-1969. I designed a number of pieces and cast one with silver, a ring. I did these designs in today's image circa 2005.

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