Friday, February 28, 2014

"Freehand Woman Portrait with Jewelry" Corel

Freehand Woman Portrait with Jewelry

I scanned a Traditionally done Freehand Fictional Woman's Portrait with my Canon MP495. This was a Colored Pencil and Pastel piece I did a while ago. I had also done some Jewelry Drawings in Pen and Ink. I scanned in these as well. I was open in Corel PhotoPaint.

Here was where I added the digitally cut out Jewelry pieces, Earrings, Necklace, and Decorative Hair Bauble to the Portrait. I had used the Tone Curve on the Portrait to add color depth. I also used the Tune Blur Soften a couple of times to smooth out the blending of colored pencils and pastels.

I added my signature to the large iteration and merged the image layers together, saved it. I then resampled the image for display saving that iteration..

I purposely used contrasting colors, as it was not my intent to match all the Jewelry with the Portrait. I wanted the Jewelry to stand out with the bright colors I had used when designing them on paper. This made for a very colorful image to share with you.

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