Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Art Deco Arched Panel with Woman and Man" - Corel

Art Deco Arched Panel with Woman and Man

I selected another Art Deco Panel this one with Arches and added a few pieces to create this Digital Collage. I scanned in the panel from Art Deco Interior and Panel Designs by Stephen Calloway.

I then researched my Dover Publications Samplers images for a Woman and Man, to which I added Florals. I did all this in Corel PhotoPaint, dropping in the images and erasing the surrounding backgrounds. I applied to the scan and the images the Tone Curve for depth to the colors. I placed a black design in the upper center of the piece for additional interest.

With the Florals I used the Tone Curve and then the property Multiply for transparency. For each piece used I had to resize to fit the large 7" x 11" scan appropriately. I saved the large iteration and resampled it to display size. I then used Filter Forge's Photo Effects for Vibrancy Saturation, to add punch to the colors. Then I added a thin Film Frame using Filter Forge's Frames. I added my signature and saved the display size image.

I really like the images in the Arches of the Woman being served wine, and the Woman dancing to the Guitar Player. This is what attracted me to this Panel for the Digital Collage, along with the coloring.

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