Monday, February 10, 2014

"Old Times Two" Corel - Filter Forge

Old Times Two

As I had mentioned in my previous post I had found these "Old Times," photographs in my files. I expected to do at least two of these for "gatzkART!". These contain visages of my wife's family and friends.

Here is the second as promised. I opened with Corel PhotoPaint two photographs. I cropped the larger one and then copied and pasted the second (Mother with baby.) I erased around the Mother with baby to add only them to the Tug of War photograph. I merged them and used Filter Forge's Photo Effects Colors to create the blue image. I had adjusted the Tone Curve a bit as the Mother with baby stand out starkly against the larger photograph, with little success in matching them.

I really love these older photographs that I scanned in. They are Circa 1950's I believe. They have a certain character to them that makes them stand out. My simple approach to using the separate photographs to "build" an image in blue is not new, but a timeless one.

Please click on the image for the larger view, thank you.

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