Friday, March 28, 2014

"Woman's Profile Grunge" Corel

Woman's Profile Grunge

I was invited to download another Free StockVault Portrait of a Woman's Profile. I saved the large file and opened it with Corel PhotoPaint. I still have some Grunge Rust Textures from the Free Friday Textures downloads, I selected one with a lot of gray in it along with rust. I opened that in PhotoPaint as well.

On the Woman's Profile I applied the Local Equalization tool, then I took the wand tool and selected a large area of her hair. I created an object of it and then deleted it from the layer, this allowed the Rust Texture to show through in her hair. I fit the Profile to fit the full Texture. I used the Tone Curve to up the color depth. Then I saved the large iteration.

I next resampled for display size, and saved that. I closed PhotoPaint and opened the medium file with Corel PSP Pro X3. There I applied Saturation Vibrancy at 50 for more punch to the colors. I added Image Information, Title and Copyright, Programs used, etc. I also gave it a black border and saved that iteration.

I see that Corel is offering another upgrade to it's CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X7. The new version is unfortunately cost prohibitive for me (fixed income.) But I highly recommend Corel Products for the Windows based Graphics environment. Full Featured Corel products like CorelDRAW and PhotoPaint are great tools and lower in price than other Graphics programs out there.

Find it here:

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