Friday, October 3, 2014

"Grunge Textured Close Up of a Six-String Guitar" Corel

Grunge Textured Guitar

I had recently gotten two images, one of a group of grayscale Textures, and another of a close up of a Six-String Guitar. Both the Guitar and the Textures I got from StockVault as free images. Using Corel PSP Pro X3 I created today's image.

I used the Texture as a layer with the property of Multiply and blended it with the guitar. After merging the layers I used the Saturation Vibrancy to give punch to the colors on the guitar. The rosettes around the soundhole having coloration in them made for a great focal point.

I added my signature in white as a layer and used the Additive property to get rid of the background of the signature layer. I again merged all. I save a large iteration and then resized to display here.

If you desire to see more of my Guitar images go to the bottom of this page and select from the Labels Cloud what you would like to see, or use the search tool also found there. Thanks for looking and don't be shy about searching my other images. You will find quite a bit of Digital Visual Artworks of varying styles here!

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