Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Taylor Guitars Six Textured Grunge" Corel

Taylor Guitars Six Textured Grunge

I reverted back to my photographs of the Taylor Road Show at Motor City Guitars for today's image. I shot this photograph with my Canon Rebel XTi during the demonstrations of their 800 Series Guitars. 

I opened the photograph in Corel PSP Pro X3 and I added four layers,

  1. The photograph itself of the Guitarist
  2. A Texture of Rusted Paint
  3. A Texture of a Concrete Wall from StockVault
  4. The layer including my signature.
I blended these using a variety of properties for each individual layer. I applied Saturation Vibrancy to punch the colors. I saved the Large iteration and then resized it, I then used a Plug-in from Filter Forge's Photo Effects on the smaller image. I selected a Grunge Framing with more texture for the white space in the image. I saved this iteration.

I opened this in Corel PhotoPaint and saved it as an Optimized jpg with 50 set as my compression. I recently have found that many of my images I save to post on this blog are not compressed enough and are causing a slower load time for the initial view of the blog. So I will be compressing and Optimizing my image in PhotoPaint (or another program) in the future to improve load times.

Those of you who regularly visit gatzkART! will appreciated this I am certain, and for my new viewers (first time visitors) it will encourage them to come back and view my Artwork again.

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