Monday, February 2, 2015

"A Minor Ballad on SoundCloud" Music Creator 6 - Line 6 Pod XT Live

Seagull S12 Cedar 12-String

I recently got Cakewalk's Music Creator 6 Touch for a DAW program to use. I tend to use Audacity, but it has MIDI limitations and no Instruments or Loops you can use. I created the A minor Ballad you see linked below.

I put it on SoundCloud for those that listen to my music can hear what I am working with. I play Lead Guitar through my Line 6 Pod XT Live and added some reverb in Creator 6. I also, during mixing, Panned the Guitar and the Drums to opposite sides. I am still learning the interface of Creator 6, but I am having a good time doing so.

This Tune is Mellow and short, very basic Guitar. Please remember that I play a 12-String! Not electric, I use a Soundhole Pickup a Woody from Seymour Duncan to plug into the Pod XT Live, my USB connection to the computer.

I hope you enjoy this short tune, it's only about 2 minutes long:

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