Friday, February 13, 2015

"Bearded Man Portrait" Corel Painter

Bearded Man Portrait

I decided to do some Digital Painting and chose Corel's Painter 11 as my program to paint in. I had this great Bearded Man's Portrait from Morguefile and opened it first in Corel's Painter Photo Essentials 4 and auto painted it with the Watercolor Sketch settings. Since it was Black and White I saved it and loaded it into Painter 11.

This I cloned and began painting with the Tint Brushes. I used flesh tints for the face and select colors for the shirt, coat and hat. I used grayish colors for the beard. I had to stop yesterday and so I saved as a Clone RIFF file. I opened it today to finish what I started and lost the ability to use the cloning function.

I opened the Black and White Watercolor Sketch file, and I layered it over the Clone file. I played with the properties and gained a balance of what I started with. I continued to paint, and also did some color blending with a blending brush. I added some white to the eyes to make them stand out clearer.

I merged all layers and saved as a large iteration. I then opened it in Corel's PSP Pro X3 to add my signature layer and merge again. I then selected Textures and used a Paper Texture for the overall image. I used the Smart Photo Fix tool which brightened up the piece. Also I added some Image Information, Copyright, Title, Artist and the Source file, programs used.

I saved the large file, then resized for display here. According to Grammarly, I have written approximately 276 words for this post.

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