Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Homeless Man Busking" Corel Painter

Homeless Man Busking

I was able to get another portrait from Morguefile of a Homeless Man Busking. I opened the file in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 and used the Pencil Sketch auto paint on it. I saved the large file.

I opened it with Corel Painter 11 and proceeded to paint Tints on it with a basic round brush. I had enough detail in the image from the Pencil Sketch to reduce the Opacity of the brush I used. I also varied the size of the brush.

It took me a few hours to complete the large iteration by zooming in on the details and painting. I am fairly satisfied with the rough appearance of this piece. After all, it is a Homeless Man Busking and the roughness adds to the sad aspect of being homeless. But at least he has a Guitar to play for some help.

I saved the painting as a large file. I opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3 and applied the Smart Photo Fix to adjust the image and it's brightness and contrasts. Here I also added Image Information, Title, My Name and source plus programs used. I added my signature from my black and white signature file as a layer and sized it and applied the property Lighten to make it transparent. I added a black border.

I have played my guitar, both amplified and not, in the open air before. But, I've never played as a Busker on the streets. Only outside my own home and on our driveway, and later on our deck. I haven't done that in a long time. And, of course, it being winter it is cold enough in the house let alone outside.

Wikipedia states: "Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities. In many countries, the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink or gifts may be given. Street performance is practiced all over the world by men, women and children and dates back to antiquity. In English-speaking countries, people engaging in this practice are called street performers or buskers." 

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