Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Hazel Eyes with Map Textured" Corel

Hazel Eyes with Map Textured

I began today's image with the Hazel Eyed Woman's Portrait, from Morguefile. I opened the file in Corel PhotoPaint. I sized to screen, and then applied the Threshold tool to it.  I left quite a bit of her hair and the left background the same. I saved this file.

I used the Wand tool to select white space created by the Threshold tool. I then loaded a map file into the fill tool, and using that I filled the face and neckline.

I used Filter Forge's Photo Effect Vibrancy on the face with the Map to add color.

I opened a burgundy Texture file from Stockvault and copied and layered that over the rest of the image. I reopened the same base Portrait and Cut out the lips and eyes and placed them on the image, merging all layers. I did use the Tone Curve on the lips and eyes to deepen the color as well before merging.

If you look closely at the Map, you will see the, "Vicinity of Detroit, Michigan" as well as part of "New York, and Cincinnati."

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