Thursday, February 12, 2015

"Map of NYC - Young Woman Portrait" Corel

Map of NYC - Young Woman Portrait

I was reading the other day that longer written content is getting greater attention on the Internet. This was according to some Marketing statistics. More words more attention.

Personally I have not experienced this phenomenon. I try to be fairly concise with my posts, to be fair to those who have a lot to read online. After all, we have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, News, and other things like videos to keep up with. I include myself in that statement.

I have almost used up my current Public Domain Maps. I will be searching for more if you are aware of any leave me a comment with a link I can follow.

Here, I have taken a Young Woman's Portrait and merged it with a Map of New York City. I used Corel's PSP Pro X3 to create this image. I imported the Young Woman first. Then opened and copied to the clipboard the Map, pasting as a new layer. I played around with the Curves of the Map, using Multiply as the property to add the transparency needed to see the Young Woman.

I wanted a full-color image so I did not use the Threshold tool for this piece. I added my signature as a layer, then I merged them all to one. I saved the large iteration then resized for display saving that with a secondary name.

According to Grammarly, I have slightly more than 237 words in my post. Was it long enough to keep your attention? Or, did I need more written content? What is your opinion? As this is a Digital Visual Art and Music blog, I think that the main focus is the image. 

Remember to click on it for a larger view! Thank you for your time and attention.

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