Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Painter Essentials 5 Test Digital Collage" Corel - Picasa

Painter Essentials 5 Test Digital Collage

I received a Sale deal from Corel today. Their Painter Essentials 5 is 30% off. They have a 30 Day Trial, so I downloaded that. Though the Sale is only until the 22nd at Midnight I wanted to see the advantages of it over Painter Photo Essentials 4, a legacy program.

I opened the trial and began playing with different settings on a number of free photographs from Unsplash and Morguefile. Needless to say it gave me some really interesting Digital Paintings. Oil, Modern, Illustration, Detailed Watercolor, Watercolor Sketch and Colored Pencil Drawing. With Version 5 there are more choices for Brushes, Paper, and others. Each type of painting you pick you can select a Brush, and Paper for your pleasure and mood. The Styles are an array of wonderment.

I took the Digital Paintings I had experimented with and used Picasa 3+ to create a Digital Collage, which you see here. It was so much fun I did not keep track of all the settings I chose. I saved the Collage and opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3. There I adjusted the Saturation Vibrancy, added my signature and saved the large Collage. I resized for display.

I am pretty confident I am going to purchase Corel's Painter Essentials 5, and retire Painter Photo Essentials 4. After all it is priced for $34.99 Download version.

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