Friday, November 29, 2013

"Eye, Nose, Lips 1A," Canon - Corel

Eyes, Nose, Lips 1A

Throughout my Archives I keep finding images, many pencil sketches, of interest to me. I found four today and selected the image you see. "Eye, Nose, Lips 1A," is a pencil sketch of unknown date. I scanned in the pencil sketch with my Canon MP495 with a small amount of cropping. I like the way the face fills the screen, viewed in large mode.

I took this scan and opened it in Corel Painter 11. There I used Watercolor Brushes, Tinting Brushes and Liquid Ink Brushes on it. I painted it for bold color but fairly realistic coloring. I used Painter's Mixer to blend up a flesh tone for the Tinting process for the face. I applied the Liquid Ink as Eye shade color and freckles, using the palette I created with the flesh tone. I saved that iteration at 300dpi.

I opened CorelDRAW to create an Initials copyright symbol. I used Candara Font and drew the characters closer together. I added the copyright symbol and date expanding the characters to fit. Then using a bold line I drew a box around the Initials and copyright. Grouping that I saved it as a native CDR file. Copied and pasted it into the image.

I saved the file again. I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3 and added a 25 pixel black border. Using the Image Information I added a Title, Copyright Information, and Equipment and programs used to create this image. Saving that at the large size I resized to display here and saved that file.

So here I am sharing another older image with a new twist to it, the Corel Painter 11 twist. I used my Wacom Tablet which is ancient and acts like a mouse (i.e. no full screen coverage,) but it still paints better than a mouse.

There is no driver for my Wacom Graphire tablet for Windows 7 32-bit, so I use it carefully as I paint, moving my hand position to the part of the screen I need to be at. It is tedious but worth the time it takes and it paints nothing like a cumbersome Mouse.

NOTE: I researched for a compatible Wacom Driver and selected an older Driver that was compatible with Win XP; I downloaded that and it installed with that compatibility set. Now My Wacom Tablet is working as it should covering the entire screen and is very sensitive to use, more than previously. Kudos to Wacom for this Driver! 

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