Monday, June 8, 2015

"Bearded Mans Profile" Corel - Paint.NET

Bearded Mans Profile

I began this Bearded Mans Profile last night fairly late, finishing it about 10:30 PM. Rather late for a post so I will schedule it to post today, that is tomorrow, I think. If you see it is it posted!

The base photograph came from Morguefile and I opened it first in Paint.NET. I applied the Artistic, Ink tool to the piece, making sure the silhouette of the Profile showed clearly.

Saving that I opened it in Corel Painter 11 and used Digital Watercolors Brushes, Gouache Brushes and Conte Brushes for the image. I did not use the original color palette at all. I used my combination (appended) Flesh Tone, Plus palette. It gives me the flesh-tones I like and a multiple choice of colors for the Hat and Shirt. After I was finished painting I saved as a TIFF file.

I reopened in Corel PhotoPaint and added my signature layer. And added Saturation Vibrancy to it using Filter Forge's Photo Effects. Saving that as a TIFF file again. I resampled for display at 120dpi, saving as a JPG file with 75 compression and 25 smoothing.

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