Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Art Deco Plus Art Nouveau Woman - Arch - Chair - Eyes" Corel

Woman - Arch - Chair - Eyes

I scanned in another Plate from Art Deco Designs / Edouard Benedictus' Book as background for this image. I used my Canon MP495 to scan it into Corel PhotoPaint. I browsed in my Dover Publications Sampler folder in Picasa 3.9 and used an Art Nouveau Mucha type Woman for this interior view with a window.

Also I used Dover Clip Art for the Eyes. I erased around this one Eye and applied the property Multiply to it. I then used the Tone Curve on it, duplicated it and flipped it, so I might have two eyes looking in the Window.

I next opened a photograph of a large style Armchair. I used the Scatter Effects tool on it. Then I decreased its color using the Tone Curve tool. I enlarged both the Eyes and Armchair and Woman to fit the interior background. This made them more prominent in the piece.

I merged them all, and added my signature and copyright, saving the large iteration. I resampled the image for display here.

So I ended up with an image which has many differing styles melded into one. A Digital Collage for this days post.

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