Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Seagull in the Center - Guitar Collage in Blue" Corel - Picasa

Seagull in the Center

Here is a reworked Digital Collage of Guitars (circa 2008.) I was browsing my folders on my external HDD and found a few versions of this Collage of Guitars. I selected the Black and White Portrait version. I opened it in Picasa and edited the Tint to a Blue and Black and White image.

I added the Lomography Effect to the image and the Museum Matte, where I changed matte color to a light blue. The "Seagull in the Center," is a photograph of my own 12-String C12 Guitar, the other guitars came from various source images.

I saved the large file and opened with Corel PhotoPaint. I added an Inverted Signature (white on black) with the Copyright. I saved the resampled file iteration and opened that in Corel PSP Pro X3 to add the Image Information: Title, Artist, Copyright, etc.

I had the pleasure, today, to be a guest on a Hangout On the Air on Google+ hosted by George Miller entitled "Let's Talk About It." We and a few other guests discussed the topic "Depend." It was a challenging topic but made for interesting conversation. If you would like to review the show here is the link: 

Since it was very cold here in Michigan I had on my hat and two sweaters to keep warm. I also had some sound problems where I had to reboot my PC and rejoin the show live online. It was a good show.

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