Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Lauren and Guitars with Music Stand" Corel

Lauren and Guitars with Music Stand

I used some images I had done work on before to create this layered Digital Collage. I opened the background image of a Free Form Digital Painting done in Corel Painter with Corel PSP Pro X3. The next image was of a Young Woman that had been vector traced in CorelTRACE and converted to a bitmap image. The colors of the Young Woman were also altered before use in this piece.

I opened it as a layer and played with the properties to allow the painting to show through. I then opened a Guitar photograph of two Guitars and a Music Stand as another layer. This layer was altered in the properties as well, adjusting its Opacity.

I Merged all layers and increased the Vibrancy in the Saturation tool. I opened my Signature file and I copied it to the clipboard, pasted it into the image, used the Multiply property for transparency and also merged it into the finished artwork.

I used the Image Information tool to add a Title, Copyright, etc. I saved the large iteration, then resized for display here today.

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