Sunday, January 26, 2014

"Burgundy Takamine Guitar on Chair" Paint.NET - Corel Painter

Burgundy Takamine Guitar on Chair

After visiting on "Let's Talk About It Hangout on Air" earlier today I searched for another Guitar photograph. I discovered this one on a CD with the written title Guitars and Stuff. I had to sift through a lot of stuff to find some photographs taken when I owned this Burgundy Takamine.

I opened the photograph in Paint.NET and created a black and white Pen and Ink Sketch. Saving that I reopened in Corel Painter 11 and using a variety of Watercolor Brushes I digitally painted the Pen and Ink image. I varied the sizes and brushes according to need and whim. I saved that iteration, opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3. 

There I added Image Information: Title Copyright, Programs used, etc. I also added, copied and pasted as new layer Inverted Signature with Copyright on it. Adding a border, I saved the large file and resized for display here at 1220 pixels wide. Click on the file for the larger view.

The Topic for Let's Talk About it was Regroup: How do you do it? 


verb \(ˌ)rē-ˈgrüp\
: to form into a group again
: to stop for a short time and prepare yourself before you continue doing something that is difficult : to stop and think, reorganize, etc., before continuing

Visit the Event Page on Google+ and listen in on our discussion, which included Cider and Doughnuts and Kiwi fruit.

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