Saturday, May 16, 2015

"Azure Eyes Digital Collage" Corel

Azure Eyes Digital Collage

NOTE: I have made adjustments to the New Song: 'Wait Until Morning,' with CDBaby. It is currently unavailable for the Full preview listening or purchase. As soon as I can I will have this corrected with them. They operate on business days, so it may take some time, Please be patient.

Today's image is a Digital Collage with Texture Blended Photography. The Woman Portrait is from Stockvault Free images and the Texture from their Friday Freebies. I opened the Woman in Corel PhotoPaint and applied the Threshold with color, made slight adjustments and went from there. I opened the Blue Texture and copied it and layered it over the Portrait. I used the property Multiply with some Opacity alterations on the Texture.

I liked the Azure Eyes of the Woman and wanted to show them fairly clearly. I decided I to make this more of a Digital Collage, I searched my Dover Publications Sampler images. I found the Two Flappers and added the layer with the property Multiply, erasing a line which surrounded them. Now with the Flappers on the left hand side, I balanced out the composition with a Floral Corner Accent. I merged all of these. I added my signature, and resized for display. Oh, and I had opened the large iteration (a TIFF file,) in Corel PSP Pro X3 adding Saturation Vibrancy for the Azure and colors brilliance.

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