Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Blue Woman in the Woods" Corel

Blue Woman in the Woods

Instead of doing some Digital Painting, I wanted to do some Photography Texture Blending. I found a Womans Portrait from Morguefile, and a Texture from Stockvaults Friday Freebies. I began by opening the Woman first in Corel PSP Pro X3 and adjusted the Threshold to darken it. I then opened the Blue Texture file and layered it over the Woman. I sized it to fit the portrait. I then added to the image by adjusting the layer opacity properties. I upped the Saturation Vibrancy for the Blue Texture to stand out. I saved that file as a TIFF file format.

I opened the Woman in Corel PhotoPaint and used a differing form of the Threshold to allow some flesh-tones to show, along with the white space. I opened the previously Textured file and layered the two, using the property Multiply for transparency. I added my signature as a layer and merged them all.

I ended up with a multi-textured piece, with wood bark and the Blue, along with some Flesh-tones on her face. In the end I blended four or five layers to create this piece. "Blue Woman in the Woods." I saved that file iteration. I resampled for display and saved a final for post image.

NOTE: My New Song: "Wait Until Morning," is in process at, I will be posting it soon. Keep in anticipation for this love gone wrong song.

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