Friday, November 4, 2011

"Series 66 #3" Digital Collage - Corel PhotoPaint

Series 66 #3

"Series 66 #3" is the image for today. I am staying with this motif for a while, don't know how many I will do or if I will keep up the successive permutations. I really like Digital Collage and working with scanned pieces of collage material.

I used another number of sources for this image. I did add some Dover Publications Clip Art for design purposes. I created it in mainly Corel PhotoPaint, scanning with my Canon MP495. But I also used Corel's Painter 11 for texture and warping of the background. And CorelDRAW for the numbers "66" and "3".

I cut, pasted, erased and sized to fit all the pieces for this face collage. I saved the large 11"x7" file and then after adding my signature, resampled for presenting here.

Listening --- JJ Cale and Eric Clapton --- Heads in Gerogia

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