Friday, November 11, 2011

"Series 66 #6" Digital Collage - Corel PhotoPaint

Series 66 #6

I found time today to create another in the "Series 66 #6," I may create one more of these for a total of "7,". Again I used Corel PhotoPaint, CorelDRAW, Corel Painter 11 and Picasa 3 for the making of this image.

I scanned in the background and opened it in Painter 11 to warp the color swatches and to add a paper texture to it. I saved the large file and opened with PhotoPaint and used Picasa 3 to locate sources to use to create the face. I selected for the eyes and nose a digital painting I did in Painter 8 sometime ago. I opened another digital painting for the mouth, also done in Painter 8. I used the Tone Curve on the cut and pasted pieces to boost the color depth.

I browsed to my Dover Publications folder and found the swirling frame and added that. I also located the woman playing the violin and added her playing right into the ear of the face. I had selected the hair, ears, chin for the face from a photograph taken by me with my Canon Rebel XTi.

I did not scan in as much from other sources as I had on others of this series. I used what sources I already had on my Hard Drive. I finally added my signature and saved the large file then resampled for display and sharing here on the blog.

Yesterday I uploaded the first 5 in the series to my Fine Art America (see the link below) account to allow them to be available for sale. I will also add this one as well.

Listening --- 3 Doors Down --- Duck and Run

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