Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Series 66 #7" Digital Collage - Last in Series - Corel PhotoPaint

Series 66 #7

"Series 66 #7," is the last in this series of Digital Collages about collaged Faces. I used Corel PhotoPaint, CorelDRAW, Painter 8, and Picasa 3 to create today's image.

I began with a freehand trace of a face from an old photograph done in Painter 8 before I had gotten Painter 11. I then browsed in Picasa 3 folders for faces to select features from. I found a group of black and white scanned in portraits and selected the eyes, ears and mouth from disparate images. I then placed them accordingly.

I used the magic wand to select parts of the face and image and filled with radial gradients the hair and face and neck. I then selected the background and filled it with a space photograph.

Browsing again in Picasa 3 I found 2 color palettes and copied and pasted them into the image using the property Multiply to add transparency. I opened CorelDRAW and typed in the "66," and "#7," at a large size using the fonts Basketcase and 321Impact. I copied and pasted them into the collage.

I added my signature, saved the large file, and resampled for display.

I have enjoyed creating this series of Digital Collage Faces and learned some new techniques, especially erasing sections of pasted in pieces of the image. I hope you have enjoyed the series as well.

Listening --- Jethro Tull --- Part of the Machine

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