Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Grunge Singer" Paint.NET - Corel PhotoPaint

Wet on Wet Watercolor
Today I took one of my Mayang's Textures of a floral stained glass piece and opened with Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4. I rotated the image, and auto painted it with Wet On Wet Watercolor.
Grunge Background
I opened the background with Corel PhotoPaint and applied Filter Forge's Photo Effects Grunge to it. Then I copied and pasted the Singer onto the background. Using the property Screen I made the Singer slightly transparent allowing the colors to show through. (see below.)

Ink Singer
Saving that for my background I searched for an interesting photo to overlay on it. In Picasa 3.9 I browsed to a High Contrast  photograph of a friend of ours singing. I opened with Paint.NET and used the Ink Sketch tool on it. I saved that file.

Final Singer Digital Collage
Still in PhotoPaint I applied the Tone Curve to add more depth to the colors. I saved that iteration after merging the files plus my signature. I resampled the images for display to show the steps I took to arrive at this piece.

Listening --- The Moody Blues --- I'm Just a Singer

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