Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Guitar Head - I Am a Poor Rambling Boy" Corel PhotoPaint - Plus

Guitar Head - I Am a Poor Rambling Boy

Using the Impressionist auto paint in Corel Painter Photo Essentials 4 with the brushstroke set at Swirly and the canvas set at Rough I created the background. I saved that and reopened with Corel PhotoPaint from Picasa 3.9. I cropped the background so as to see the brushstrokes.

Using Paint.NET I made the guitar player, minus head, into an ink sketch, and did the same with the 12-string. I resized both to fit and used the 12-string guitar as the head.

In Picasa I selected the music piece, "I Am a Poor Rambling Boy," reminiscent of a Blues tune and added it and the large pointing hand.

In PhotoPaint I used the property Multiply for the pieces and their transparency, merged them and I saved the cropped piece. I added a light blue border and resampled for display with my signature.

I went back into PhotoPaint and using the plugin Filter Forge's Frames added a light film frame to darken the blue border. I saved that file.

Listening --- Eric Clapton --- Unplugged

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