Monday, July 1, 2013

"Dual Guitar Wrap" Paint.NET - Corel

Dual Guitar Wrap

I opened from Picasa 3.9 a Dual Guitar photograph with Paint.NET. There I applied the Effects, Distort, Polar Inversion to the image. I used the settings Wrap with the Quality set High.

I used the Adjustment tool Hue/Saturation and increased the Saturation a bit. Then I applied the Curves set to RGB and lightened the colors back slightly.

To Soften the tones I used Effects, Blurs, Surface Blurs on the image. I Then Sharpened the image with a setting of Seven.

The resulting image is a Kaleidoscopic style piece, which I saved the large iteration. As you peer into the center you kind of get lost in the fractal likeness of the guitars.

I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3 and using the Visible Watermark I added my signature, saving again, and resizing to display size and saved the final.

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