Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Guitar Soundholes with Lutes" Corel - Plus

Guitar Soundholes with Lutes

Would you believe that I did this image of Guitar Soundholes with Lutes in so many steps I did not track them all! I used two Photographs taken with our Canon Rebel Xti of our guitars.

I worked on the image in these following programs, altering, cutting, pasting, and adding texture. But I can't remember all the steps I used, only the Programs:

  • 1. Picasa 3.9
  • 2. Corel PhotoPaint
  • 3. Corel PSP Pro X3
  • 4. KPT Collections
  • 5. Dover ClipArt (Lute)

I usually share the process better than this and I must apologize for not keeping track of my workflow in this instance. I just created the image as it flowed out.

Sometimes the process of creating just goes that way.

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