Friday, June 7, 2013

"Abstraction Guitars Multiplied" Corel - KPT Collection - Plus

Abstraction Guitars Multiplied

I opened Picasa 3.9 folder of my recent guitars shoot and selected a portrait styled photograph. From Picasa I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3. There I applied the Digital Camera Remove Noise and the Smart Photo Fix. I increased the Vibrancy in Hue and Saturation. I saved this image.

I opened the image with Corel PhotoPaint. Using the capture rectangle tool I selected a portion of the image from the center of the photograph. I copied and pasted, removed the mask, and placed the cutout, in effect dualing the Guitar necks for three pieces and aligned them. I pasted one more and turned it on it's side, placing it on the bottom.

Using the same cutout I pasted and resized the piece and using the property Difference I reproduced and lined them up along the bottom of the image.

I used the Circular capture tool and created the using the property Invert a number of the round circles. At full size I applied the Art Strokes Effect Crayon to the entire flattened image.

I then used the KPT Collection Equalizer and adjusted the transparency. I also adjusted the tiling in KPT Collection, which created the vertical texture of the image. I inverted my signature to white and placed it using the Property Add. I saved that iteration.

I have enjoyed playing my Seagull C12 today in the Open G Tuning. I tuned the strings to the following "DGDGBD." As you strum the open strings you have the G chord. Finding some open chords and flatpicking I strummed and picked the tuning to my delight at the tone of the 12-String Guitar. A creative day indeed.

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