Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Abstract Guitars Digital Collage" Corel - Paint.NET - Plus

Abstract Guitars Digital Collage

I have used more of the photographs of our 12-String and 6-String Guitars to create another Digital Collage. I browsed in Picasa 3.9 to my folder of a recent guitar shoot and selected three photographs separately for this collage.

I opened the first two with Paint.NET and using the Ink Sketch tool I made them into pen and ink sketches. I copied them to the clipboard and then pasted as New from Clipboard into Corel PhotoPaint. I fit the images together with merging them with the Multiply property. I used the wand tool and selected large dark areas of color and then filled them with a blue gradient with the fill tool.

After I did that I copied to the clipboard the third photograph of the guitar necks crossing each other. I opened as New from Clipboard and applied the Local Equalization tool. Then I used the Art Strokes tool Conte Crayon on it. I copied to the clipboard again and pasted upon the other merged pen and ink, gradient guitar image. I merged those and saved that iteration.

In Picasa tools I applied Warmify to the image for color warmth. I saved that image with a new name. I then used the plugin from Filter Forge Frames film frame to add a light frame, adding my inverted signature to the whole piece saving one more time at the larger size.  I then resampled for display size and saved that.

For a finishing touch I ran Filter Forge's Photo Effect Vibrance on it to add some punch to the colors.

I ended up with a very Abstract Composition of Guitars Digital Collage. I enjoyed the process. I hope you enjoy the results.

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