Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Acoustic Guitars Hyper Tiling" Corel - KPT Collection

Acoustic Guitars Hyper Tiling

Another photograph of Guitars I've taken, recently manipulated. I opened my folder in Picasa 3.9 and grabbed this photograph of our Seagull and Lyon guitars.

I opened in Corel PhotoPaint and applied KPT Collections filters to create this image. I used Hyper Tiling for the duplication of the strings and sound holes. I adjusted the transparency to allow the Tiling to show through.

I then used KPT Collections Equalizer for an HDR effect. And I added a Lens Flare to the image as well. So the entire image was manipulated with KPT Collections filters.

Here I demonstrated that the use of filters for Manipulation can be rewarding and enjoyable. Sometimes a simple approach to a creative image can yield decent results.

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