Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Digital Collage Guitars Mashup" Corel - Plus - Open G Tuning Instrumental

"Digital Collage Guitars Mashup" Corel - Plus

Today I am sticking with the motif of Guitars. I opened Picasa 3.9 and using the Collage function I browsed to the folder of my Guitars photographs and holding the Ctrl key I selected a number of landscape photographs. Then I chose Create Collage. I selected a Mashup of all the photographs the size of a CD cover 72 dpi with 5120 x 5120 size.

I pressed the key to create the collage. I applied the HDR tool for effect. I used the Pencil Sketch tool to show the outlines of the various guitars making up the overlaid collage. I saved that file. I opened with Corel PhotoPaint. 

There I increased the sharpness with Adaptive Sharpen, to show the strings and headstocks more clearly. I used the Tone Curve to deepen the tones. Saving this iteration I opened with Corel PSP Pro X3.

There I played around with a few Effects and was not satisfied with the results. I applied the Photo Effect Sepia for color. Then I used the Saturation tool Vibrancy to add to the color a bit.

Using the Visible Watermark I added my signature. I saved again. I resized for display on the blog.

Lastnight I was able to find time to play my 12-String in the Open G tuning. I used my Toneport UX1 and the Gearbox software and selected a Clean Guitar tone called "Bad." I turned up the volume and the Bass for the drone of the open tuning.

I found a drumming file I had created from a snippet of real life drumming lasting about 4 minutes. It begins with a Jet Plane like sound that I had made while playing around with sounds, then the drumming comes in.

I opened Audacity and loaded the drum background importing the file. After some playful practicing with the Open G tuning I had a number of chord structures to play with.

I started the recording and built from a softer beginning to a uptempo rhythm. Using the chords I had practiced I recorded for about 4 minutes. I saved as an Audacity Project to my external drive and then converted to an MP3 for playback. I titled it "Late Jet." I saved this MP3 to my Current EP songs titled "Celebrate Now." And using my Headphones for playback I listened to the results. I was pleasantly surprised with the mix. SoundCloud Link:

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