Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Stone Textured Blonde Woman Portrait" Corel

Stone Textured Blonde Woman Portrait

I was able to garner some very good Free Portrait images from the MorgueFile Site. One of these, along with one of the Stone Textures from the Free Friday Textures I created this image.

I took a Landscape large Texture and opened it in Corel PSP Pro X3. There I modified it with color adjustments and Curves and Saturation Vibrancy tool. It was my first Layer. I opened a Portrait file in PSP Pro X3.

On this layer I altered the Threshold to allow white space to give places for the Texture to show through. I used the Layer copy and Paste as New Layer above the Texture. Using the Layer property Multiply I blended the two Layers. I merged down to one Layer.

I then used Picture Frame for white edging on the image. I added a black border to the image. Using Image Information I added a Title and Programs, etc. Added my signature file in white and I then saved that large iteration to disk.

The EXIF information gives credit for the Texture file and shows my Copyright as well. Corel PSP Pro X3 is a great program for doing such images with textures and portraits photographs.

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