Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Foggy Autumn Path" PainDotNET - Picasa - Irfranview

Foggy Autumn Path

I opened this photograph of a Foggy Autumn Path in Paint.NET. Here I played around with the Oil Paint Effects, adjusting the value and coarseness of the brush application. I also used the Curves and Saturation for a boost and depth to the colors, bringing out the Autumn trees in the background through the Fog.

I added my signature as a layer and am still learning how to resize it to a proper size for my images. I flattened the layers together. I opened the piece in Picasa and applied the Museum Matte for the framing.  I selected a light green for the Matte to enhance the greens in the mid-ground.

I experimented with Windows 10 Photo editing program. I enhanced the image. Then I increased the Ocher colors a tad for some interest on the Path and the main Tree on the right.

That program is limited in it's functionality but was worth the experiment with it.

I used Irfranview to resize the image for display, as the other programs saved my large views as large files.  Smaller files load more quickly. Be sure to click on the image for a larger view.

I noticed in my Stats that I am getting interest from both outside the US and other countries. Simpler posts seem appropriate for now. Thanks for your interest!

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