Friday, December 11, 2015

"The Blue Door II" Painter Essentials 5 - GIMP - Irfranview

The Blue Door II

I garnered this photograph of another Blue Door. I wanted to do a series of Doors if I could find other good photographs. I selected this one and opened in Painter Essentials 5.

There I selected the Modern Painting set, and chose a Photo Painting Brush Pencil for the Digital painting. I then added back in some details using the Soft Cloner brush, like the door handle and grain of the wood.

I saved that large file and opened it in GIMP, here I added a layer of my signature. I also used Curves to add depth to the image. I Flattened the layers and saved again.

Using Irfranview I kept the image proportions but decreased the compressed size for the display JPG file. I kept the image at 72dpi.

All the time learning and using these programs as they challenged me with differing interfaces and different labels for doing each step. Time consuming but rather intuitive (avoiding manuals) having an enjoyable time while still producing Digital Visual Art.

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