Monday, December 28, 2015

"Lead Guitar Player III" Picasa - Painter Essentials 5 Plus

Lead Guitar Player III

Continuing with a music theme I chose another "Lead Guitar Player III" photograph to Digitally Paint. I opened first in Picasa 3+ and applied the HDR effect with the Radius Medium and the Value, or Strength to Higher. This gave the image great tonal contrasts. I saved that change.

In Painter Essentials 5 I selected  the Oil Painting set with a Digital Watercolor Diffuse Water Brush, thus set I Digitally Painted the HDR image. I used Apply Surface Texture Effect with Image Luminance Texture. I then did a light Detailed Watercolor, still using the Diffuse Water Brush, stopping the set before it completed.

In Picasa again I applied and added a Black Border to the piece and saved that iteration.

Using Paint.NET I added my signature layer with the property Additive for transparency. I saved that iteration at 100%, 120dpi. I next resized the image to display size 95 compression and 120dpi JPG.

As always I encourage my readers to click on the image to view the large piece for all details and the best of views. Open from your browser, use F11 (in most browsers) for the full screen view and go back to the regular setting by using F11 again.

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