Friday, December 18, 2015

"Digitally Painted Doors Digital Collage" Painter Essentials 5 - Picasa Plus

Digitally Painted Doors Collage

I created this collage from free photographs that I got from Unsplash. Some of them I had done earlier, and as I wanted to present a Digital Collage of a Series of Doors I did a few more.

The Aqua Door and Windows with the Ocher Wall I opened in Painter Essentials 5. I used the Artist Brushes set, with Impressionistic Blender Jitter brush. I also used the Photo Painting Brush - Soft Cloner for details.

In the upper right hand corner, the Brown Door and Shutters I opened in Painter Essentials 5. Here I applied the Watercolor Sketch set with Photo Painting Brush, Grainy Variable Pencil selected. I used Picasa to up the Shadows and in Paint.NET I added my signature layer with the property Multiply for transparency.

On the Burgundy Door with Foliage I used GIMP's Oil Paint and added Texture to the entire image. Very simple changes in color with Saturation and Curves for depth. (Lower right hand corner.)

The Green Door and Windows with the White Wall, I used Painter Essentials 5, Watercolor Sketch with Photo Painting Brush, Chalk Cloner. Then I added a touch of the Colored Pencil Drawing set using a Grainy Variable Brush. In Paint.NET, I again upped the Saturation and depth with Curves.

I grouped the images all in their own Folder named Doors. Opening Picasa 3+ I selected them all and chose Create Collage, Repositioned a couple of the images and made the large Digital Collage.

I used Irfranview to resize the JPG file for display at 72dpi.

I am now pretty satisfied with my slight penchant with a Doorway Series, as this Digital Collage served to create differing views of Doorways and Windows. I invite you to click on the image for the larger view, and to see more of the details of each Doorway and surrounds.

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