Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Lead Guitar Player" PaintDotNET - Painter Essentials 5

Lead Guitar Player

I have been thinking about Music lately, my own and others. I decided to do a post about Guitar Playing. I found a really nice "Lead Guitar Player," photograph from UNsplash.

It was actually a very dark piece color wise so I opened in Paint.NET and used Adjustments, Curves, lightening the colors. I then went to Effects, Artistic, Ink. I lowered the number of Ink pen and upped the color to allow the modified colors to show through. I saved that large file.

Opening in Corel Painter Essentials 5 I selected the Detailed Watercolor set. Using Digital Watercolor Dry Brushes I Digitally Painted the piece. With the Soft Cloner Brush I added back in some details, as is my custom.

Going to Effects, Tonal Control I Equalized the Colors, as the painting as a watercolor had dimmed them. This brought the colors back to a balance I liked. I saved that iteration with a new name.

I returned to Paint.NET and applied my signature layer with the property Multiply for transparency. I merged all layers and saved again. I resized the image right in Paint.NET for display.

I recently recorded the song "Good Riddance - Time of Your Life," by Green day with my singing and playing my 12-String. For effect I doubled the singing and playing, on a second track. I used Reverb on both. So I have a experimental Echo sound to the song. I enjoyed doing it but it's not for everybody as the Echo effect is quite pronounced.

It won't be for sale as I do not have the resources to pay fees for a Cover of Green Day's song. But I have been actively seeking others songs to play and record for fun and mixing experience.

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