Monday, December 21, 2015

"How I Did This: Cabin in the Forest" Painter Essentials 5 - PaintDotNET -Irfranview

Cabin in the Forest

The "Cabin in the Forest," began as a photograph from Unsplash Free Photographs. I opened the file in Painter Essentials 5 and used Effects Tonal Control - Equalize for brightening the colors.

I selected the Watercolor Sketch set, and used an F-X Brush called Glow to Digitally paint the image. I then added back in some details using the Photo Painting Brush Soft Cloner by hand. Using Effects, Apply Surface Texture I chose 3D Luminance to add Texture to the piece. I added back in some details with the Soft Cloner Brush lightly.

I saved the large 3000 X 2000 pixel image at 72dpi, with a new name. Next I opened in Paint.NET.

Here I applied some Adjustments, first in Curves I lightened the image depth of color, then using Saturation I increased colors by 115% from 100%. I added my Signature Layer using the Property Lighten and merged the layer down. I saved that iteration with the same name.

I needed to resize for display here on the blog. I opened the file in Irfranview. Here I resized the piece and resampled the compression for a smaller JPG file. Please click on the file for a larger view and notice the details and texture.

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