Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"Bonamassa and Friends - Slow Train Acoustic" Painter Essentials 5 Plus

Bonamassa and Friends - Slow Train Acoustic

"Bonamassa and Friends - Slow Train Acoustic," is from a screen capture I took watching a video of the performance. I opened in Picasa 3+ and used the Pencil Sketch tool on the image. Saving that I opened the black and white piece in Painter Essentials 5.

I Hand Painted on the Canvas Layer using the color palette in Essentials. Brushes used were the Chalk and the Diffuse Water Brushes set at varying small sizes and Opacity. I painted each Individual with my choice of colors and the same for the Lighting.

I saved that and then created a second layer, filling it with a Light Gray color. I used the property Multiply on that layer for transparency. Then I dropped all layers and saved the Large file again.

Next I opened the file in PhotoPaint and Hand Painted more of the background, using the eyedropper to select colors. I used the Light Turin Cover Brush to hand paint. All color choices were mine, not from the original screen capture. I used the Tone Curve for depth to the colors and increased the Saturation by 15 for a punchy view. I saved this iteration.

As Picasa was still open, I used the Museum Matte for the matte and framing, saved again. In PhotoPaint I added my signature layer, sized and placed it using the property Add for transparency. and I saved the Large piece again.

I resampled the file in PhotoPaint for display at 96dpi, 75 compression, 25 smoothing, saved as a JPG. Be certain to click on the image for the Larger view of all the details and textures! Thanks!

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