Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Street Musicians Two" Painter Essentials 5

Street Musicians Two

"Street Musicians Two," began as another one of the Guitars and Music, free to edit, photographs I found recently. I opened the photograph in Painter Essentials 5 and applied the Effect Sharpen first, this brought out details that were slight.

I next selected the Colored Pencil Drawing set, using Pencils, Pens, and Markers Oily Variable Pencil and Digitally Painted the image. In the enlargement of the image you can see the lines of the Pencil used. Just before it completed I stopped the effect. I then selected the Watercolor Sketch set, with the Oily Variable Pencil as the Brush setting still. This was a good combination of styles and lead to lines as well as watercolors added.

I then selectively hand painted back in some details to the Instruments and the Musicians using the Photo Painting Brush Soft Cloner. I saved that large iteration.

Now in Paint.NET I selected some Adjustments namely the Saturation boosting the colors from 100% to 110% for a punch. I also added my signature layer and merged the layers.

In Irfanview I added a Black Border, and saved that, then Resized/Resampled at 72dpi for display.

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