Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bluesman - Dave Kelly

One more in my series of bluesmen from Blue Front Blues Room. Photograph by John Anderson of the same website.

I used PhotoPaint and KPT's Collection and Thredgeholder plugins to create this image.

Thredgeholder is a plugin from Little Ink Pot that works much like a sketch maker. I use it for the lines in many pieces I do. I run it on an image and copy it to the clipboard then undo the change. Adjust the image to my liking sometimes using KPT's Collection Pyramid Paint filter and PhotoPaint's Alchemy filter.

Then I paste the sketched image back into the piece as an object. I make it transparent, leaving the lines intact, by changing the object properties to "multiply". And drop the object to the background over the filtered image.

This is only one way I may use these steps as my technique. I have other filters and also Painter 8 to accomplish more painterly images.

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