Monday, January 5, 2009

Abstract 12-String Guitar

I think I have guitars on the brain. I played around with this image and created a unique piece of an abstracted 12-string guitar. Another Takamine guitar only much different than the real one.

I did the background in Painter and the cutting and pasting in PhotoPaint. I do so enjoy making such images.

I recorded "Yes It Is" by The Beatles most recently and also wrote a song about "Acceptance". Having a good attitude toward wellness when one is limited by health issues is vital to one's overall health.

I want to do another Rock song but haven't come up with any ideas for one as of yet. I enjoy using the "Gearbox" software with the Toneport UX1, utilizing the many guitar styles to produce various songs. It is very versatile with many presets of differing guitar tones and amplifiers. Many have hilarious names that make you want to experiment with them. Some are great while others are just plain strange and don't fit any style I'd use.

Experimentation is very playful and challenging to produce a sound that is even and warm or raw and hot. It is good fun. I really like this combination.

One problem I have is on dialup I cannot download the latest version of "Gearbox" software from Line 6's website. I have tried and the diaulp connection is just too slow as it is a very large file, somewhere in the vicinity of 66 megs. So I can't find out what I am missing. Probably a good thing. Too much time spent playing and other things suffer.

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