Monday, January 19, 2009

Digitally Manipulated/Painted Leo Kotke Image

I found this image of the amazing guitar player singer/songwriter Leo Kotke online. Unfortunately I do not have the photographers name to credit. If you recognize the image please let me know so I can credit the photographer with the base image.

I heavily manipulated the image using Painter 8. I used the Acrylic brushes, Liquid Ink brushes, and Digital Watercolor brushes to create this image.

I altered the image size and added the black border in PhotoPaint for display here. It barely looks like Leo now, but that is who is it.

I recently did two recordings to my list for the "One Tough Baby" CD I have been working on. One Rock instrumental using the chords A D E and E7, like a fast blues tune with lead. I wrote another song called "Dance Away", a happy little tune about being joyful and up beat.

I've been working on the map project again and enjoying that challenge as well.

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