Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nonrepresentational Abstracts Digital Collage - Picasa 3

As I mentioned in my previous post I have made another digital collage using Picasa 3.

This image shows 188 images piled upon one another, images of nonrepresentational abstractions. It should give you an idea of what type of abstracts I do digitally.

They include use of fractals, painting, cutting and pasting, use of filters and plugins to produce the individual pieces.

You can see a love of color and diversity in my work among these. Though each one is individually crafted and thoughtfully made, this collage makes for a great piece on it's own. I view this collage as emotionally charged with images and colors rampant.

I again recommend Picasa 3 for tracking and making collages of your own digital works. I have yet to make a video, which is also a feature of Picasa 3. I have selected some music for playing in the background I just need to select the images I wish to make into a slideshow. More fun on the way!

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