Friday, October 7, 2011

"Raw!" Grunge Digital Collage - Corel PhotoPaint - Filter Forge


I returned to Grunge Guitars Digital Collage for this image. I browsed in Picasa 3 to a folder with rust textured images for the background. I opened with Corel PhotoPaint and resampled boosting the dpi from 72 to 256 in increments to enlarge the texture.

I used the Tune Blur on it, both the Directional Blur and Soften, then the Unsharp Mask to keep some textural detail. I browsed to an image of a 12-String guitar and placed it with the property Color Burn. I selected my Dover Publications folder and used the music notation, with Color Burn and reduced the opacity to 69.

I scanned in a image of three guitar players from an old magazine and used the Threshold to change it's transparency. Selecting the white areas with the Wand tool I applied a Hubble Telescope image to the unmasked areas.

I added a Victorian corner to the upper left hand corner. And I scanned in a scrap of a poem entitled "Raw!" that I wrote in 1996. I angled the poem and used Color Burn to make it transparent.

I applied Filter Forge's Photo Effects Vibrance and also a Grunge texture and slight frame. I turned down the grunge filter and upped the stains before I applied it to the piece.

I finished with my signature and saved the large file, then resampled to display here as today's image.

Listening --- Kirk Mathew Gatzka --- I'm Raw

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