Monday, October 3, 2011

"Favorite Book" Corel Painter 11 - PhotoPaint

Favorite Book

Today I felt like digital painting so I opened a photograph of my Grandson and his "Favorite Book," in Corel Painter 11. I quick cloned it with a white background and began painting in Gouache. I painted his head, face and body with it and then switched to a large Chalk. I used texture with the Chalk brush for the background.

I also used the Soft Cloner for some detail in his face. Then I used a Digital Watercolor brush and painted in some flesh tones, and a touch of color in the background. I selected a thin Pastel chalk brush and added the lines for definition.

I adjusted the texture with Image Luminance, and upped the saturation to boost the colors. I also decreased the value for some depth. I cropped the image to show only him and his book. Then saved the large file.

I opened it in PhotoPaint and added my signature, saved again then resampled for display here, saving that iteration. I opened the file in Picasa 3 and viewed the full screen image. I like the image so I am sharing it for your enjoyment.

Listening --- 4Hero --- Morning Child

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