Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Bright Petunias and The Bridge" Corel Painter - Paint.NET - Corel PSP Pro X3

Bright Petunias

The Bridge

I began this image with a Dover Publications Sampler of Petunias in black and white. I opened in Painter 11 and selected the Camel Watercolors Brush and painted the Floral. I selected unusual colors for a punchy effect to the image. 

I then used a Gouache Cover Brush resized for the solid colors in the background. I saved that iteration and from Picasa 3.9 opened with Corel PSP Pro X3. I upped the colors with Saturation Vibrancy. I added my signature with the Visible Watermark tool. 

I then proceeded to experiment with differing frames for enhancement of the painting. I selected the black and white scroll work and then I added the ornate frame, still in PSP Pro X3

The second image is from a Challenge photograph on Painter Talk Forum. I manipulated the image in Paint.NET, using the Oil Paint effect. I saved that iteration and opened from Picasa with Corel PSP Pro X3 and added Brush Strokes and some Vibrancy to the colors. 

I simplified the colors using Posterize for an even more painterly feel. I then added a Paper Texture to the image and saved, then resized for display, added my signature and saved..

Two Painterly Images today! Click on them for more detailed views.

I had time to practice my guitar playing yesterday and worked on the finger calluses on my left hand. I did play some Blues lead with a Backing Track as well as played chord progressions and some songs. I ended up with a gravelly throat for I was really punching out the choruses! Sore fingers today but a satisfied inner self. 

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