Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Of Crossed Guitars Seagull C12 and Lyon 6" Corel PSP Pro X3

Crossed Guitars Seagull C12 and Lyon 6

From my photography session the other day. I crossed the two guitars to contrast them and their differences. I used a brown couch and a patterned pillow to prop them up at the crossing point.

I opened from Picasa 3.9 update with Corel PSP Pro X3, I recently reviewed Corel's newer X5 version, very nice implementation.

In PSP Pro X3 I applied the Digital Camera Noise Removal, and the Smart Photo Fix with an increase in color. I wanted a sharp warm image so I applied the High Pass Sharpen tool and the Effects Color Balance Fluorescent Warm. I then increased the Saturation with Vibrancy to punch up the colors. I used KPT Collections Equalizer for some additional Vibrance, turning up the settings.

I added my copyright and name and saved the large iteration. Then I resized for display and saved with an new iteration name.

Today is a busy day so to even have time to do this was precious time. Glad I could do it!

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